Plexus Lexus, Anyone?


This is my friend and Plexus leader, Debra Lawson with her SECOND Plexus Lexus.  When you join our team, you are taking the first step to changing your life.  Plexus is like no other company I’ve experienced. With products that work, Ambassadors that help one another along the way, and a company that rewards us immensely, it has changed my life physically, mentally and financially.

With a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, what do you have to lose?

Join my team and I give you my word …. I will give you the tools to succeed.

Debra says:

“If the thought of “I should try Plexus and just see”, now’s the time. The Welcome Packs are an additional $10 off. {When you join Plexus between now and Dec 31st}

Not sure about you, but I always hated Monday mornings….not anymore. I’m off tomorrow and I will help my son move on Tuesday with no thought to I shouldn’t have taken a day off. And I will still be making money; more than I ever thought people could! The money is great but the freedom is awesome!!

Freedom from answering to a boss, freedom from monthly bills and never having enough. Freedom from having to pay for Christmas the next year – cause Christmas is PAID FOR. And Freedom to take our family to Disney this Spring!!

Being able to call my hours when and where I want. I don’t say any of this to brag.  If it wasn’t something that I could offer to you, too!! That’s the only reason I talk about it now.

I have mostly told people about the products -because they are so awesome!! I have lost and kept off 65lbs and 5 dress sizes. Jerry has lost 40 lbs and off 4 insulin shots!! Jerry NEVER wants to give himself another shot!! I NEVER want to be that size again with NO HOPE!!

I feel I need to tell you that there is another part of Plexus the financial end of it.
1. I am my own boss!
2. I can retire should I choose. Imagine devoting two years to something and making enough money to retire. And this is equal opportunity. The way our company pays is mind-blowing.

So today I want to offer you this:
You can message me and ask any question you have ever wondered about. I promise to only answer your questions and not pester you. I have never pestered anyone 
I don’t call people and pester them. I just offer the products to people who need them. They use my web link to go online and order products. Plexus takes the order and collects the money and then mails out the products to my customers. . And the company ships straight to their door and I get credit. Then some of those folks end up wanting to join my team.

It only costs $35 to join. No tricks. That’s it! Smartest $35 I ever spent. You DO NOT have to stock your pantry full of product. You do not have to deliver product. Think about it, ask me some questions, pray about it. Let me help you change your life. I don’t “need” more folks on my team. My team is huge. But if you’re a friend of mine, I’d be thrilled to help you get debt-free and get healthy! Message me!”

I agree with everything Debra says. MESSAGE ME TODAY and I will answer any and all of your questions. If I don’t have the answer, I’ll find it ASAP.  I want you on my team.

Yes picture is of me and my Black Lexus I get from Plexus – and another White Lexus in the garage that I use everyday is from Plexus as well. Jerry has a car and me too!! Plexus allows husbands and wives to work Plexus!

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